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William J. Routley


Will is one of two current Conservative Councillors' for the Langstone Ward, Newport.

I live at Langstone Cottage with my partner Alison. I have a proven track record with past City Council experience, and I am currently a serving member of Langstone Community Council. Living in the Ward I understand the issues that we all face. There has been a significant lack of maintenance in our roads & pavements, drastically scaled down street cleansing, and an obvious unwillingness for meaningful action against speeding traffic through our community! Compare this to the ever increasing Council Tax burden that we all face - it's time to shout “enough is enough”!!                             

I will work hard to ensure we get a fair service for our  Community charge. I am determined that our roads & pavements be cleaned, repaired and maintained to a good standard. I will continuously lobby the Police and the Police Commissioner to have Langstone effectively patrolled. We all want and deserve a safer, cleaner environment to live in.

Please get in touch with Will via our secure Contact page or use the Feedback form below.