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Welsh Labour Wastes Your Cash

City News, Page of Shame

Pictured: Labour cannot be trusted to spend Tax Payer's money in Wales


On Thursday 4th April you will have a simple choice. Vote labour to continue with the stagnation of Wales and misuse of your hard earned taxes .... or vote for Matthew Evans ... a level headed Conservative who can drive real change in Newport and beyond. 


A few facts and figures. “Chairs costing £538 each, tables at £2649, £55,000 on TV’s, flights to watch Wales play England at the Euros, 7 visits to a Mitchelin-Star Restaurant, free hospitality tickets to watch Newport County.”


1.      2017:- £94.6 million. It is claimed spent on creating or protecting just 390 jobs in the Ebbw Vale Enterprise Zone since 2012, the equivalent of £250,000 per job.

2.     2017:- £221 million spent on Wales eight Enterprise Zones since 2012. Evidence claimed the zones had created just short of 2,999 jobs. In total, there were 10,607.5 jobs either created, safeguarded or assisted across the zones. A cost of £20,655 to the taxpayer per job.

3.      2017:- £244 million spent on business grants by the Welsh Government since it promised to stop paying handouts in 2010. Only about a quarter of the money was ever expected to be repaid and less than £7m (2%) actually had been repaid.

4.      2013:- £52 million spent on purchasing Cardiff Airport. A £10m loan had previously been issued to improve the terminal.

5.      2018:- Further £6 million equity investment into Cardiff Airport for more improvements to it’s terminal. The airport's financial results for 2016/17 showed a pre-tax loss of £5.97m, an increase on the £4.9m pre-tax loss the previous year.

6.      2017:- £13.8m had been spent at Cardiff Airport and St Athan since 2012 as part of the Enterprise Zone. It is claimed 222.6 jobs created, safeguarded or assisted. A cost of £61,994 to the taxpayer per job.

7.      2017:- Land in Lisvane worth £39 million had been sold off for the farming value of £1.8m. This triggered legal action against two firms that advised on the sale.

8.     2019:- A total of £44m has been spent by the Welsh Government on "development costs" preparing for and running an inquiry into proposals for an M4 relief road. The costs included traffic modelling, environmental surveys, design work and £11.5m on funding the enquiry itself.

9.     £9.3 million spent on the collapsed Circuit of Wales project after the Welsh Government was forced to pay out more than £7.3 million to the Heads of the Valley's bank after it recalled a loan the firm was unable to repay.

10.   2015:- £5.1m spent on advertising by the Welsh Government which represented a staggering increase of 33.5%.

11.   2016:- £3m wasted on funding a steel coating firm in Swansea which later went bust. Civil servants had warned the Kancoat firm had a "weak" business plan and was high risk.

12.   2013:- £3.2m spent on refurbishment of the fifth and second floors of the Welsh Assembly's Ty Hywel building in Cardiff Bay. £55,000 was spent buying 88 TV sets as part of the refurbishment programme. £208,440 was spent on 387 chairs at £538.60 per chair; £90,091 on 34 tables at £2,649.74 per table; and £134,912 on 182 desks at £741.27 per desk.

13.   2017:- £1.8m spent on refurbishment of the ground floor of the Welsh Assembly's Ty Hywel building in Cardiff Bay. * 2017:- £1.8million was spent on procurement cards at the Welsh Government in 2016/17. Spending included £1,652.50 on seven visits to the Michelin-starred James Sommerin Restaurant in Penarth, where a six course taster menu costs £70, or £110 with wine. £3,028.22 was spent on yachting and boating. £359.38 on Nom Nom Chocolate, a Welsh company whose bars retail from £4.50. £393.25 with online whisky retailer Master of Malt.

14.   2017:- £7.5 million had been spent on the Welsh Government cards, known officially as procurement cards, in the five years from 2011. * 2017:- £145,612 spent in 2016/17 for nine Minsters, including First Minister Carwyn Jones, to travel around the World. The bills are for a combination of charter flights, trains and business class plane tickets across Europe and the world. The First Minister spent £77,694. * 2017:- £10,035 spent on a private jet trip for the First Secretary, a private secretary and press officer, to see Wales take on England in Lille on June 2016.

15.   2017:- £30,936 spent by the First Minister, a private secretary, special advisor and press officer to go to Washington DC and New York in February 2017. A trip by the First Minister to Atlanta and Chicago also came with a cost of £17,056 for him and two members of staff.

16.   2014:- the number of chauffeur driving cars used by ministers increased by one-third. The annual cost of running the service for ministers, including buying the cars was £441,771.

17.   Between 2016/17, the cost of employing 12 drivers for 12 ministerial cars, all Volvos, was just under £316,500. * 2015:- it was revealed a total of £1.8m had been spent on ministerial cars since 2011/12.

18.   Between 2015 to 2017, cars were used to carry documents nearly 110 times. Without ministers or officials in the car, there were 53 journeys in 2015, 29 in 2016 and 27 in 2017. * 2016:- an investigation occurred into a UK-wide online food ordering service in Cwmbran which received a £1 million grant to create 100 jobs, but allegedly some posts were outsourced abroad.

19.   2014:- £1.6m wasted on a martial arts centre in Llangollen that never opened and was abandoned in 2013. Ministers wasted a further £200,000 maintaining the derelict hotel.

20.   2017:- Three directors of an international film production company that had received a £4m loan from the Welsh Government paid themselves a total of more than £1.8m in 18 months.

21.   2016:- Three Pontypridd shops bought by the Welsh Government have been sold on for about £980,000 less than the purchase price.

22.   2017:- £450,000 spent via a Vibrant & Viable Places grant towards work at the former Yates Wine Lodge site in Newport to help turn it into a hotel. Site located in the middle of the nightclub district and after disputes over noise & sound proofing, Premier Inns pulled out of the development.

23.   2017:- £84,364 was spent on a Brexit legal challenge at a Supreme Court Hearing. £79,000 was spent on legal fees. Almost £4,200 was spent on travel, subsistence, and accommodation for a barrister and three Welsh Government lawyers.

Pictured: Labour cannot be trusted to spend Tax Payer's money in Wales


24.   2018:- Up to £40,000 a year is still spent on producing and distributing what is - a state run - newspaper called Newport Matters.

25.   2017:- £86,000 spent on Afon Village Multi Use Games Area (Rogerstone) bringing the total sum spent to more than £145,000 for the year. Over £59,000 had already been spent in an attempt to solve the same problem around noise.

26.   2016:- £55,000 was spent by Newport Council on a consultancy firm to run a 'City of Democracy' initiative that no one really wanted.

27.   2018:- £55,850 was spent by Newport Council on hosting a “Democracy Conference” at the Riverfront Theatre. This equated to around £500 spend per head for those who attended.

28.   2018:- £42,000 paid over three years, to an influential lobbying group called “Key Cities”. However, Newport Council failed to attend 11 of the 18 group meetings.

29.   2015:- £57,000 was spent on 'trade union time' by Newport Council.

30.   Between 2014 to 2015:- £200,000 was spent by Newport Council on consultants to run it’s streetscene department.

31.   2016:- Three heads of Department were awarded £10,000 pay rises, whilst other council workers like street cleaners had been laid off.

32.   2018:- Newport Council spent £43,357 more on paying private consultants in 2017/18 compared to the previous year.

33.   2016:- £3,377,279 spent on private consultants between 2013 and 2016 while Vale of Glamorgan Council spent just £875 in the five years up to 2016. These are years that austerity began to take hold.

34.   Since 2012, Newport Council have been running with one extra elected Cabinet Member compared to the previous Conservative led Council (2008-2012).

35.   Hospitality match day tickets received by Council Leader Debbie Wilcox to watch Newport County on April 28th 2018 and May 6th 2017. Deputy Leader Mark Whitcutt also attended a match on 9th April 2018. Tickets were declared.


We believe EVERY PENNY of taxpayers hard earned money, should be spent wisely and conservatively!

It's up to you who you vote for ... but don't say we didn't warn you if Labour retain control for the future!




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