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Michael Enea

City News


Newport Campaigner Michael Enea has been selected as the Prospective Conservative Candidate for Newport West Constituency in the Senedd Election in May 2021.

Michael is a proud Newportonian through-and-through. He was born at the old Lydia Beynon Hospital (now the Celtic Manor) and grew up in Malpas.

Michael has lived in Newport all his life and cares deeply about the City. He has campaigned hard on numerous local issues affecting residents across Newport over many years. He is a regularly contributes written articles to the mainstream press in Wales - highlighting issues affecting people in Newport. Michael wants to see a better Newport and he has a strong commitment to ensure we get that in the future.

Michael’s top 5 election pledges are:-

  • Build a M4 Relief Road.
  • Boost trade and jobs in our City Centre.
  • Better funding for our Schools in Newport.
  • Streamline the Senedd and make it more efficient with more money going to local Councils.
  • Campaign to make Newport a ‘Free Port’ City.

Michael is one of Newport’s hardest working politicians. He has a solid track record of campaigning and delivering in our City.


Below are some examples of Michael’s work in his community and across Newport as a whole.

Please get in touch with Michael Enea via our website. Contact us securely and we will pass your enquiry onwards.