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Leaders Update September 2018

City News


Well the summer was wonderful while the weather lasted and unlike the Welsh Assembly, the Council doesn’t go into recess.

At the full Council meeting at the end of July the Conservative Group called for a complete ban on begging in the city centre. This issue is a major problem in Newport and should not be confused with the issue of rough sleepers who need help and support. Unfortunately the majority of people who beg have substance misuse issues and giving them money doesn’t solve the problem. Our proposal was defeated by the Labour Group and we now have a ban on begging within 10 metres of cashpoints. Good luck to the Police trying to enforce that.

For years we have been calling on the Council to regenerate and revitalise Newport Market, which has fallen on deaf ears but our constant pressure appears to have finally stirred them into taking some action. We are supportive of the development proposals recently announced in principle, but are concerned over many unanswered questions. It was quite extraordinary to announce the news of a 250 year lease and a loan of almost £9 million to a private company, without any formal report. So we will closely monitor the proposals and hope the scheme goes ahead with full and open scrutiny.



Being in Opposition can be frustrating but we can and do make a difference, and we will continue to put pressure on Labour to act in the best interests of the city not the Labour Party.

One of our enthusiastic members Michael Enea has been campaigning for years to get the Tredegar Park Splash Park reopened. This is another valuable asset that has been left to rot by Labour. Mike has been joined by many other members of the public, some of whom attended one of our recent Group meetings to explain their concerns. Newport Conservatives listened and raised further awareness and in addition to the petition circulating regarding this issue. Despite saying they couldn’t afford to do anything we suddenly had a dramatic U-turn and it looks likely to open next summer.



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