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Gareth Hughes

City News


Gareth Hughes has been selected as the Prospective Conservative Candidate for Newport East Constituency for the Senedd Election in May 2021.

Hello. My name is Gareth Hughes and I am very grateful to have been selected as the Conservative candidate for Newport East in next year’s vitally important Welsh Parliament elections.

I am standing to represent my local area in the Senedd because I want to help deliver a fresh start for our area, with improved services and real accountability. Labour have been running Newport East for a long time and we have not seen the progress we deserve. I will not take our area for granted!

I grew up in a working-class household in Caerphilly. My father, a BT engineer, worked every day of his working life outside and my mother has been a nurse in the NHS for over forty years. I went to a state school and attended the University of Wales, Newport. I am a Conservative because of my background and I firmly believe that it is our party, over all others, that can forge a better future for Newport.

I and my family love our corner of Wales, and it is where we have chosen to make our home. This election is going to be like no other! The result of which will decide our future for many years to come. We need to say enough is enough, Labour have had their chance and failed to be effective for Newport East.

Gareth’s top 5 election pledges are:-

  • Build a M4 Relief Road.
  • Boost trade and jobs across our city.
  • Work hard to improve our Schools in Newport.
  • Improve our NHS services in Newport.
  • Campaign to make Newport a ‘Free Port’ City.

Thank you.


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