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Caerleon School gets Dishwasher

City News, Page of Shame


Conservative Councillor saves the day!

After something of a protracted battle, local Conservative Councillor for the Caerleon Ward Cllr. Joan Watkins secures a new commercial dishwasher for Charles William (Church in Wales) School, Caerleon, which had been promised for January 2017. We are pleased to say it has finally been installed - but the whole episode was unacceptable!

Councillor Watkins who worked extremely hard to secure the new equipment for the school says

"This whole situation should never have been necessary, given the need for the school's kitchen staff who deliver on some days 300 meals to the children, and have to meet strict hygiene regulations.
Officers in Newport City Council's Business Department for Education should have dealt with this matter with urgency. Where were the local Labour Councillors' and Governing Body in resolving this situation? It's infuriating! However, in the circumstances I am pleased to have been able to support the school and staff on this particular issue. "

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