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Small Business Employment Allowance

Newport Conservatives - Thursday, January 04, 2018
Small Business Employment Allowance

The Conservatives Help Small Businesses

In 2015 the then Prime Minister David Cameron introduced the Employment Allowance which helped small businesses reduce their PAYE burden through a £2,000 allowance, which was easily claimed through RTI PAYE Basic Tools and other accounts software. Many small and micro businesses across Wales and the rest of the UK benefitted from this scheme.

This type of scheme that actually reduces the costs to a small business in real cash terms is never seen under a Labour Government. You have to ask why is that? The Conservatives understand the wider economic issues and challenges our country faces. We know that without a healthy and vibrant small business economy, the UK will never be able to afford the public services we all rely on e.g. the NHS, Education, Britain's Armed Forces, Social care and so much more.

Here is the letter sent out to all small businesses across Wales and the UK by David Cameron in 2015. The current Prime Minister Theresa May has continued the Employment Allowance and for the Tax Year 2017 - 2018 it has increased to £3,000 accordingly.


Have you claimed your £3,000 Small Business Employment Allowance?

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