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Newport MP Circulates TV Licence Propaganda

Newport Conservatives - Friday, September 27, 2019
Newport MP Circulates TV Licence Propaganda

Ruth Jones MP Circulates TV Licence Propaganda!

Your newly elected Newport West MP Ruth Jones, recently sent out a letter across Newport West Constituency to residents aged 75 and over in respect of the free BBC TV Licence currently available for persons aged 75 and older.

Headed on official House of Commons notepaper, she sent her letter to those eligible to claim a free TV Licence aged over 75.

The official Government response is that this is the BBC’s decision – not the Government's. The Prime Minister has been very strong on this.

A government spokesperson said: " We've been clear that we want and expect the BBC to continue this concession ".

"People across the country value television as a way to stay connected, and we want the BBC to look at further ways to support older people."

The spokesman said " Taxpayers want to see the BBC using licence fee income better, including showing restraint on salaries for senior staff ".

Clearly in stating that this decision was the Government's decision and not the BBC, who reneged on the agreement made with the then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne, Ruth Jones MP has attempted to discredit the Conservatives and the Government.

We believe she has done this pre-emptive of a General Election. We also believe it is never acceptable to distort the truth in this way, and we are sorry that so many residents across Newport West have been mis-informed. We are placing this article into the public domain because we feel it is important that everybody should know the true picture.

Finally, as Conservatives, we feel this concession should be available to all older people, and we are of the opinion that the BBC has made a terrible mistake in saying that this concession will now only be available to those people in receipt of pension credit.

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