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Mark Brown PPC Newport East

Newport Conservatives - Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Mark Brown PPC Newport East

Mark Brown was selected by Newport East Conservative Association on Tuesday the 12th November 2019, to stand as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Newport East Constituency.Here is his profile:

Hi, I’m Mark Brown, the Conservative Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in the 2019 General Election for the Newport East constituency.

When the election was announced I knew that I wanted to be the MP for Newport East. I feel passionately about Newport and its potential. Newport has been overlooked by bigger cities nearby, we need to stop this happening. We are the gateway to Wales, we are the connection to the booming economy in Bristol, but are more than that. We are a destination, somewhere that needs jobs and investment for the people who live and work in the area. I appreciate that we need to build more houses, I myself know the problems of trying to get on the housing ladder, but we can’t let our rural areas be built over with dormitory houses for people leaving the area to work.

We have some amazing natural places in our area, the woods around Langstone, the Wetlands Reserve, the levels and the coast path to name just a few. We need to protect and cherish these and ensure development helps us and brings jobs and investment here. Newport is my local city for shopping and business, when I’m not in the city shopping I can often be found walking my dogs around the Wetlands Reserve or the hills and wood in our area. My dogs need lots of walking! I have a great love for the natural environment.

A few years ago rather than buy a house I bought some land in the area. I set up a small business on part of the land and on the rest I’ve created a conservation area. Its not huge, about 10 acres, but it has amazing variety of wild life and plants. I’ve worked with the Woodland Trust and planted over 2200 trees on the land and created wetland areas and wildflower meadows. The local community now use the space for walking, playing in the ponds and as a space to get away from things.

I am also the trustee of a charity my family set up to provide educational grants for young people in Zambia to be able to work in conservation. A block to young Zambians working in conservation is access to education, we aim to stop this. We give a hand up not a hand out. I have worked closely with our regional Assembly Member Mohammad Asghar and consider him and his family to be great friends. I look forward to working with him and the Conservative team on the council to unlock the potential on Newport East and make everyone’s lives better.

I will work with the Conservative team in the Welsh Assembly and the UK Government in Westminster to get the best deal for Newport East. My first task will be to try to save Orb steel. I will, and have been already, lobbying the Welsh and UK Government to save Orb, if you elect me to be your MP I will take this fight on with everything I have.

Outside of politics I volunteer as a teaching assistant at my local primary school and I enjoy running, well I’ll say I go running! I have done a few marathons, half marathons and lots of shorter runs. I run to raise money for the Royal British Legion, this is a cause very close to me. My Dad was injured in the army and after a long battle with PTSD passed away just 2 days before my last London Marathon. Thinking of my Dad kept me going through all the runs but he got me over the line in that one. I have been a Legion member for many years and help with the poppy appeal, you can often see me around the area with my poppy box.

I have also worked to try to bring our communities together, I helped organise the family day at Caldicot Castle back in the summer and have worked with Monmouthshire Council with its efforts to tackle hate crime.

Back on politics, before we do anything else, we have to GET BREXIT DONE! I will back Boris and vote for his deal and get this Brexit deal over the line. I was a coordinator with the Vote Leave campaign in 2016, I believe that the new deal that the Prime Minister has is the best way forward. No matter which way you voted we have to get this done and move on with getting the job done for Newport East. We need to get more police on our streets, more funding in to the NHS.


If you have any questions, or want to contact me to help the campaign please send me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading.


Mark is always available to help residents and the wider community of Newport - so please feel free to get in touch with him via our secure Contact page.

Promoted by Ray Mogford on behalf of Mark Brown both of 24 Corporation Road, Newport, NP19 0AR 

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