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Leaders Report Summer 2019

Newport Conservatives - Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Leaders Report Summer 2019

Cllr Matthew Evans - Summer Report 2019.

First of all I would like to thank everybody who voted for me in the recent Newport West by-election ... it was very much appreciated. To reduce the Labour majority to under 2,000 in a seat they once had a majority of over 14,000 was quite an achievement under the current circumstances, and with a swing of 2.4% from Labour to Conservative, I was optimistic that we can create change in the future for the city of Newport.

Your Labour Council thought we should all be grateful with a 5.95% Council Tax increase rather than their original 6.95%, but I know residents are very angry and it seems to be the socialist solution to everything - pay more for less.

We were promised they would not introduce three weekly bin collections, so instead they have spent over £1,000,000 (one million) pounds to give us smaller bins, equivalent to a three weekly collection. Meanwhile, the Council rubbish tip has some of the shortest opening hours in Wales and is regularly gridlocked at the weekends, causing traffic chaos and potential risk of collisions.

There is always plenty of talk from the Labour Group about openness and transparency, but little evidence to back this up. We can no longer ask questions to Cabinet Members at Council Meetings without providing notice, and questions to the Leader of the Council are limited to just 15 minutes, so many Councillors don’t get the opportunity to have their questions heard. The Council's Cabinet recently took two important decisions on the back of confidential presentations without any written reports, surely this is not the way to run things in the 'City of Democracy'?

On a personal note, I was honoured to have been elected as Group Leader of Newport Conservative Group for the 15th time at our recent AGM, and retain my position as Leader of the Opposition in the Council. I would like to thank my colleagues for their support - it means a great deal.

Finally congratulations to the new Mayor of Newport, Cllr William J. Routley and the Mayoress Alison Robbins, who also announced their engagement after the ceremony. I know they will make a great couple and throw themselves into the role with energy and enthusiasm.



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