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Labour's Shame on M4 Relief Road

Dezines Internet - Wednesday, August 05, 2020
Labour's Shame on M4 Relief Road

Newport Conservative Group
M4 Relief Road Scandal

The Labour led Welsh Government have wasted £157 million on reports and enquiries into the building of the M4 Relief Road. This is hard earned Welsh tax-payers money simply poured down the drain. It equates to nearly a fifth of the overall spend for the M4 Relief Road. This is an absolute scandal in our opinion.

Here's a factual video from local activist Mike Enea on why Newport needs the M4 Relief Road, and how in 2019 ninety major firms in Wales, including Admiral, TATA, SA Brains wrote an open letter to the First Minister Mark Drakeford supporting the M4 Relief Road be built. Even the official public enquiry recommendation was for it to be built and that it provided good value for money!

Despite all the evidence and the Conservative Government providing the funding to ensure it could be built - the Labour Welsh Government said NO! This will lead to a reduced economy in Wales, and ultimately Wales will never reach its full potential. Instead other parts of the UK will grow and we will see stagnation. This will hurt us all either directly or indirectly.

There is something you can do to show your support for the M4 Relief Road - firstly let us know your views (survey link below) and secondly VOTE CONSERVATIVE at next year's Senydd (Welsh Parliament) Election!

Newport Conservatives would love to hear your views about the city, and understand what you think of the Conservative strategy to steer Wales beyond Brexit and lead the country into 2021 post-EU? We absolutely promise to listen and react to your concerns. Why not complete our secure and easy to understand Online Survey?


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