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M4 Relief Road Referendum

Newport Conservatives submit motion to Council calling on the Welsh Government to hold a Referendum on the M4 Relief Road The Newport Conservative Council Opposition Group have submitted a motion to its Council calling on the Welsh Government to hold a Referendum on the M4 Reli..

News Category 01-Mar-2021

M4 & Workplace Charges

Welsh Transport Minister refuses to ‘rule-out’ M4 congestion charge & ‘Workplace Car Parking Charges’ Wales Minister overseeing the Economy and Transport, Ken Skates MS, has this week refused to be drawn on whether the Welsh Government would ‘rule-out’ a pay-per-mile congestio..

News Category 27-Jan-2021

Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes has been selected as the Prospective Conservative Candidate for Newport East Constituency for the Senedd Election in May 2021. Hello. My name is Gareth Hughes and I am very grateful to have been selected as the Conservative candidate for Newport East in ..

News Category 14-Jan-2021

Michael Enea

Newport Campaigner Michael Enea has been selected as the Prospective Conservative Candidate for Newport West Constituency in the Senedd Election in May 2021. Michael is a proud Newportonian through-and-through. He was born at the old Lydia Beynon Hospital (now the Celtic Ma..

News Category 14-Jan-2021

Reverse Sports Pitch Fees

Newport Conservatives - Petition Reverse the Charges to use Kids Sports Pitches This petition is asking for Councillor Debbie Harvey - Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, at Newport City Council, to reverse her decision to impose charges against using sports pi..

News Category 12-Mar-2020

Matthew Evans Election Update

Conservative Home Article 2020 “South Wales remains stubbornly Socialist” Fighting one election in a year is arduous enough, but last year I stood in the Parliamentary By-election in Newport West in May and the General Election last month. In the by-election I managed to keep ..

News Category 17-Jan-2020

MP Circulates Propaganda

Ruth Jones MP Circulates TV Licence Propaganda! Your newly elected Newport West MP Ruth Jones, recently sent out a letter across Newport West Constituency to residents aged 75 and over in respect of the free BBC TV Licence currently available for persons aged 75 and older. Headed on..

News Category 27-Sep-2019

Welsh Labour Wastes Your Cash

Pictured: Labour cannot be trusted to spend Tax Payer's money in Wales WELSH LABOUR WASTES YOUR CASH .... IT'S A SUPERMARKET SWEEP! On Thursday 4th April you will have a simple choice. Vote labour to continue with the stagnation of Wales and misuse of your hard ear..

News Category 19-Mar-2019

Council Leader Chauffeur Scandal

Newport Council spent £81,415 on ‘Chauffeur driven Cars’ with Leader Debbie Wilcox spending £11,397. Newport’s Council Leader has come under ‘heavy criticism’ after taking - 114 trips - in chauffeur driven cars from May 2016 to December 2018. The cost to the taxpayer equated t..

News Category 17-Mar-2019

Bring Back Free Parking

Matthew Evans is leading the charge for the return of two hours ‘FREE PARKING’ in Newport. Matthew delivered free parking to Newport when he was Leader of the Council and wants it to be reintroduced. But with Labour representing Newport at every level, nobody is keeping them in ch..

News Category 14-Mar-2019

Where's Newport's Splash Park?

Pictured: Newport's children and families deserve a Splash Park MATTHEW EVANS CALLS ON NEWPORT LABOUR TO BUILD A CITY SPLASH PARK AFTER MORE DELAYS! Calls have been made for Newport Labour City Council to press ahead and build a new Splash Park at Tredegar Park after it has..

News Category 03-Mar-2019

Worst Budget Set By Council

Pictured: Newport's Labour Council hammer Tax Payers' once again! NEWPORT CONSERVATIVES FOUGHT FIERCELY AGAINST COUNCIL TAX RISE OF 5.95% Newport Conservative Group Councillors' didn't hold back on our opposition to Labour's 'worst' budget! Higher taxes, but for ..

News Category 03-Mar-2019

Matthew Evans PPC

Matthew Evans was selected by Newport West Conservative Association on Saturday the 19th October 2019, to stand as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Newport West Constituency. Many people from across the City of Newport will know Matthew and how hard working he is. M..

News Category 26-Jan-2019

M4 Motorway Closures

M4 ‘PARTIALLY CLOSED’ 100 TIMES OVER LAST 2 YEARS New research has revealed the M4 Motorway around Newport was ‘partially closed’ 100 times over the last two years. The data was obtained by the Newport Conservative Group who submitted a freedom of Information request (FOI) ..

News Category 21-Oct-2018

Leaders Update September 2018

ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS | LEADER'S AUTUMN REPORT Well the summer was wonderful while the weather lasted and unlike the Welsh Assembly, the Council doesn’t go into recess. At the full Council meeting at the end of July the Conservative Group called for a complete..

News Category 26-Sep-2018

Welsh Conservative Leadership

Pictured: Suzy Davies AM speaking at the podium | Lyndon Jones MBE, President of Welsh Conservatives - centre | Paul Davies AM - left Newport was the Welsh Conservative Party Leadership Contest's first hustings. Newport Conservatives were delighted to be the first hustings between..

News Category 07-Aug-2018

£241K Spent on Consultants

£241,746 SPENT ON PRIVATE CONSULTANCY FIRMS BY NEWPORT COUNCIL Concerns have been raised over claims Newport Council has spent £241,746 on private consultancy firms from 2017/18. This was an increase of £43,357 on the year before. £135,068 was spent on Social Care Consultants, £25..

News Category 12-Jul-2018

Car Park Charge at Local Park

NEWPORT COUNCIL TO START CHARGING FOR CAR PARKING AT LOCAL PARKS? Newport Council have been ‘slammed’ after it has been revealed they will be introducing car parking charges in local Council Parks. These charges will range from £1 up to 2 hours and £3 for up to 5 hours. With a gam..

News Category 02-Jul-2018

Welcome Omar Ali

NEWPORT CONSERVATIVES WELCOME OMAR ALI A former Labour Councillor Omar Ali has joined the Conservative Party. Welcoming the news, Leader of the Conservative Group on Newport City Council Councillor Matthew Evans said “I have known Omar for many years when we both served on..

News Category 30-Mar-2018

Save Local Pubs From Closure

Why We Should Save Local Pubs From Closure. You often hear the phrase - “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. This is a phrase often used when discussing the Centurion Inn pub in Newport. However ..... In my view, a community pub is like a pillar within a local neighbourhoo..

News Category 07-Mar-2018

Council Tax Increase Again!

Newport's Labour Council Take Even Money From Your Pocket Yet Again! The two big stories for February relate to the Budget and Newport Market. Newport Indoor Market: I was contacted by several traders about the lack of action by the Council so I went to visit them. Concern..

News Category 01-Mar-2018

Council Failing Newport Market

A Trail of Talk - But No real Action! Newport Conservatives wish to remind the residents of Newport of the FACTS: July 2014 - Cllr Gail Giles, then Cabinet Member for Human Resources and Assets, said “We want to ensure the new organisation (Norse) offered a range of ben..

News Category 16-Feb-2018

Cabinet Member Should Resign!

Renewed Calls For Resignation Of Council's Education Cabinet Member! Renewed calls have been made by senior Conservatives in Newport City Council for the resignation of the Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Gail Giles. Newport Conservative Chairman Cll..

News Category 08-Feb-2018

Langstone Primary School Safety

Newport Conservatives are in full support of the efforts being made by the students and staff at Langstone Primary School ( to raise awareness of the road traffic safety issues they have to deal with every day on the Old Roman Road outside the school. ..

News Category 01-Dec-2017

Caerleon School gets Dishwasher

Conservative Councillor saves the day! After something of a protracted battle, local Conservative Councillor for the Caerleon Ward Cllr. Joan Watkins secures a new commercial dishwasher for Charles William (Church in Wales) School, Caerleon, which had been promised for Jan..

News Category 23-Nov-2017

Missed Bin Collections Statistics

3,269 Missed Bin Collections in Newport! Newport Taxpayers Receive Poor Value! A recent Freedom of Information Request (FOI) has revealed there have been 3,269 missed bin collections in Newport over a 1 year period from 14th September 2016 to the same date in 2017 - double t..

News Category 24-Oct-2017

In Touch Beechwood St Julians

You can Download the latest 'In Touch' Leaflet to print and share with friends in the St Julians and Beechwood Wards by clicking the link at the base of this page. Alternatively, Newport Conservatives would simply love to hear your views about the city, and understand what you think of the C..

News Category 22-Oct-2017

Caerleon Vehicle Emissions

Caerleon Vehicle Emissions PUBLIC STATEMENT USW Consultation on Proposed Housing Development AIR POLLUTION. Newport Conservatives are pleased to release the following Statement: The 2008 ambient EU air quality directive (2008/50/EC) sets legally binding limits for con..

News Category 19-Oct-2017

Community Centre Funds

How would you prefer the Council spent your hard-earned money? On things that benefit the community, or marketing gimmicks? Residents have highlighted the condition of Shaftesbury Community Centre to us. So we asked the Council to confirm how much funding it had received over the..

News Category 13-Apr-2017

May the 4th be with you!

Come on Newport get voting on May the 4th. Newport Conservatives are passionate about our fantastic city of Newport. However, we are also passionate about taking care of the place we live and work in - making it a brighter future for us all. But .. we can't do anything unless you the public ge..

News Category 04-Apr-2017

Friars Walk Lending

Can Labour Council recoup £90 million lent for Friars Walk? The Conservative led administration were the people behind the vision for the Friars Walk shopping development. It was the Conservatives whilst in coalition with the Liberal Democrats that brought together the various stakeholders and t..

News Category 31-Mar-2017

Caerleon the Issues

Caerleon Needs a Voice The Prospective Conservative candidates for Caerleon Ward are pictured above (left to right) Richard Andrews, Joan Watkins and Michael Enea, and they are all focused on addressing the many issues affecting residents across the ward. Passionate about impro..

News Category 24-Feb-2017


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